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Obtaining Reagents

Please see our Addgene page! If you can't find what you need, please email Tim Shay (tshay at caltech dot edu) with your request.

Virus preps of our capsids with several common genomes are available at the CPP ArmVC and Addgene!

Given the large volumes and titers of AAV-PHP vectors required for IV administration, we are unable to keep sample stocks of the PHP viruses on hand at all times. If we have stock available, we are happy to send some to you. Please email Tim Shay (tshay at caltech dot edu) with your request. 

We are not a core facility but rather produce viruses in collaborative mode depending on bandwidth and funds available. If this works for your projects please contact Tim Shay (tshay at caltech dot edu). We are happy to discuss your project with you and come up with the best solution for your vector needs.

CLOVER now also offers custom virus preparations of our engineered capsids as a service, but our capacity is limited. In collaboration with Cal Poly Pomona, we have created an Armamentarium Vector Core (ArmVC) that specializes in Caltech systemic AAVs and is accepting custom orders.

Custom virus preps are available at scales of 2, 5, 10, or 40 dishes. We do not guarantee a specific yield as this may be a function of each capsid and viral genome combination but for AAV-PHP.eB, we typically observe 2-4E12 vg / 150 mm dish of producer cells. Caltech users may find CLOVER pricing details here, using their Access credentials.

Please email Tim Shay (tshay at caltech dot edu) for details on pricing and availability. 

With shipping especially international shipping, it is highly advised to re-titer before injection to animals. Also it would be the best to not refreeze, as each freeze/thaw degrades the titer. Virus is stable for many weeks/months at 4 ̊C, however, we recommend that users re-titer if it has been more than two months. More information can be found here.

With support from the NIH BRAIN Initiative, we have collaborated with Cal Poly Pomona to build an Armamentarium Vector Core that specializes in Caltech systemic AAVs, with custom and ready-to-use preps available for purchase. Addgene also offers several ready-to-use preps of our engineered viruses available for purchase.

Other vector cores produce customized AAV-PHP viruses as well. As part of the NeuroNex MINT Technology Hub, we have worked with the University of Michigan Vector Core to offer preps of our engineered viruses.

Yes! CREATE capsid library plasmids are available through Addgene here and here.

We are happy to provide advice to help you use CREATE. Please email us. Detailed methods are also available in our recent publication announcing M-CREATE.